One look at Jeff Dabe and his 19-inch forearms will tell a story of a man who possesses super-hero like arms and hands fit for a giant. But Jeff Dabe doesn’t live in a fairy tale or in the pages of a comic book. He’s a real man with real arms, and he’s had a really interesting journey climbing to the top of the arm wrestling world.

Like many athletes, injury entered Dabe’s life and could have sent the train off the tracks, derailing a promising career; but Dabe didn’t want to be defined by injuries, and he certainly didn’t want to stand idle while his natural advantage — paws fit for bears — atrophied on the sideline. So while the media may hype him up as a freak of nature, he’s actually a lot more than that. He’s a husband, a father, and a competitor. He’s an athlete who has overcome and triumphed. Here’s how Jeff Dabe went from a Minnesota kid with uncomfortably big hands to a legend in the growing community of arm wrestling.

Who is Jeff Dabe?

Jeff Dabe was born in 1963 in the small town of Stacey, Minnesota, located about 40 minutes from Minneapolis. Being from a small town, with a population well under 2,000, may be the only part of Jeff’s life that is small. They say everything is bigger in Texas, but, really, everything’s bigger in Jeff Dabe’s world.

big hands

Growing up in such a small town meant Dabe and his outsized hands stuck out even more. He was like a fish out of water, except he wasn’t struggling for air. What he was struggling with was finding his place, finding out why he had huge arms and, more importantly, what he could do with them. There had to be a line of work or some skill where his massive pipes could be utilized for more than their looks.

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