1. Exciting News

Donna and Vince Aylmer, a married couple living in Gloucester, England, were on there way to the doctor for their first prenatal checkup and ultrasound. Donna, a 49-year-old warehouse worker, and her husband Vince, a 55-year-old scaffolder, were thrilled when they knew that their family of five will soon have a new member.

Biracial Twins

They were happy and a bit nervous, but felt confident that they had this in the bag because this isn’t their first child.  They didn’t expect anything out of the ordinary, and thus were totally oblivious to the news that they were about to receive.

2. Not One, But Two Tiny Tots

And here is the surprise! The Aylmers were informed by the doctor that they were expecting not one, but two little babies to join their growing family. The news came as a bit of a shock, but the couple was relieved to hear that they were healthy and developing normally.

Biracial Twins

They already have three kids, George, Chynna, and Jordan. With the upcoming twins, this sounded like a bit of a handful. However, this didn’t stop the couple from treating this news as the biggest blessing.

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