An Unexpected Encounter

Marine biologist Nan Hauser has spent a large portion of her life researching and monitoring ocean life, focusing mainly on whales and dolphins. For 28 years, she has pursued risky aquatic expeditions and taken part in countless dives in the Cook Islands and the Bahamas. For three decades, Hauser has focussed on helping turn the territorial waters of the South Pacific into a safe haven for whales. A recent dive, however, introduced an alarming encounter, unlike anything Hauser experienced before.

Exploring The Islands

Hauseris one of the world’s leading whale experts and has been featured countless times on Animal Planet, the Discovery Channel, and National Geographic. Hauser lives on Rarotonga, which is the largest among the Cook Islands, and spends most of her time studying ocean life. The Cook islands are comprised of 15 small islands which are home to 21 species of dolphins and whales, over 600 fish species, and 16 types of sharks. Assuming it would be just an ordinary day, Hauser anchored down her speedboat and dove into the waters to begin her exploration.

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