Merrill and Taco Outside Playing - Pit Bull Rescue Story

It’s no secret that dogs are man’s best friend. Their unconditional loyalty and genuine love render them the best companions out there. However, our canine friends can also form unbreakable bonds with one another. This heartwarming animal rescue story of a pit bull and Chihuahua proves just how strong that bond can grow; a bond not even humans can understand. When an animal shelter tried to find a forever home for a young pit bull, she did something that blew all the volunteers away. Read here to find out what happened when the rescuers tried to separate her from her tiny best friend.

1. An Unexpected Pair

In October 2014, a female pit bull terrier called Merrill and a male Chihuahua named Taco were handed over by their owner to Rocket Dog Rescue, an animal shelter in San Francisco, California. Not much was known about why they were there, but the staff quickly noticed something special.

Merrill and Taco at Rocket Dog Rescue - Pit Bull Rescue Story

The two dogs wouldn’t leave each other’s side, so the volunteers at the animal rescue organization hoped to find someone to rescue the pooches together. Sadly, this proved to be more difficult than expected. After spending their lives together, it seemed that Merrill and Taco might have to be separated.

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