Macaulay Culkin

Many instantly recognize him as Kevin McCallister from Home Alone. 

With his adorable nature and leading roles, Macaulay Culkin was the ultimate child star of the 1990s and became an A-List actor in his own right at a very young age.

He was known on-screen as the cute and mischievous kid, but off-screen, there was tension building up.

Culkin’s life later took a drastic turn and led this once-lovable Hollywood wunderkind to a dark lifestyle nobody expected.

From his much-questioned relationship with Michael Jackson to his strained relationship with his family, here are the little-known details of Macaulay Culkin’s unusual childhood.

1. A Star is Born

Macaulay Culkin was destined for the limelight ever since he was born on August 26, 1980. His father, Kit, was a Broadway star and his aunt, Bonnie Bedelia, was an actress. He learned from a young age how to captivate an audience. Even his younger brother Kieran Culkin had a flair for acting.

Movie Pilot

Macaulay Culkin first stepped into the limelight when he was just a young boy of four, years old. Even though his professional career seemed promising at the time, he was also too young to comprehend the tough Hollywood life that awaited him.

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